Locally grown & produced food sold with transparency of where the food comes from. A focus on low-waste & no big ecological foot prints.

Here are some of our Vendors we’ll soon have them all listed for the 2019 season.



Mississauga, Ontario

Ecosource is a local non-profit organization that helps deliver environmental education programs throughout the region of Peel. Teaching through hands on games, activities and gardening, Ecosource strives to promote sustainable and local food systems to local communities. All of the produce sold at the market by Ecosource is non-certified organic and locally grown by schools, volunteers and community members!

Featured Items: Herb salts, infused oils, pickled vegetables, in season fresh vegetables

Mena family farm

Mississauga, Ontario

 The Mena Family Farm brings an assortment of fresh, local and non-certified organic vegetables to the Backyard Farm and Market. Located right in the heart of Mississauga, this family farm uses innovative gardening methods such square foot gardening, vertical gardening and succession planting in order to produce their yield. They are very passionate about community engagement and look to foster community relationships through conversation and idea sharing. 

The little garden company

Brampton, Ontario

The Little Garden Company uses organic and traditional victory garden growing methods to grow their produce on their own property and on the Backyard Farm and Market Farm Site. Dawn, being an experienced gardener, landscaper and florist with a passion for urban agriculture, places a strong emphasis on aesthetics and design in all the company produces. In their effort to promote urban agriculture and sustainability, the Little Garden Company offers pollinator seeds and garden starter kits to help the public take part in combatting the dramatic pollinator decline Ontario is currently faced with.

Featured Items: In season Vegetables, Dried Spice Blends, Pollinator Kits and Seeds, Edible Garden Planters, and Local Cut Florals

Farming Practice: Environmental Sustainability, non-certified Organic

The General store featuring little bee farmers market


Little Bee Farmers Market sources sustainable products and vegetables from various small local farms including Mennonite farms that are non-certified organic. And brings them to the Erin Mills community.

Dairy products from Sheldon Creek dairy farm
Eggs from Nutri Farm
Butter from Nutri Farm
Gourmet Butter from Bell's Egde farm
Maple syrup and Butter from Elmira
Vegetables and fruits from Elmira's Mennonite community

Farming Practice: Environmental Sustainability, non-certified Organic

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wholly greens

Mississauga, Ontario

Whollygreens juices with ingredients.jpg

WhollyGreens fruit and vegetable products are a 100% natural with no added sugar, concentrates and preservatives. Their nut milks are sweetened with dates and don’t contain gums, fillers or additives. Two siblings created WhollyGreens with a desire to experience the natural drinks and snacks of their native African (Nigerian) heritage in Canada. As children, they savored the unique local nuts and seeds that children would want to eat along with the drinks, butters, sauces and snacks made of pure natural ingredients. As adults they aspired to bring the foods that perfectly nourished and provided the healthy nutrition they grew up with and were accustomed to and share them with another part of the world. WhollyGreens packaging is made from recycled materials and are BPA free. Learn more from here.

Featured Product: Vegetables, Fruits, Nut Milks


happy plant


Happy Plant grows produce using organic methods.   

Featured Products: Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers



Lovin oven bakery & confectionary


Lovin Oven is a small independent bakery with a dedicated following especially for our pies, date squares, brownie varieties and cheese breads.




steve's bees apiaries

Mississauga, Ontario

Meet Beekeeper, Stephen Rice of Steve's Bees Apiaries. He has several bee yards across southern Ontario and seeks to farm and keep their bees using natural methods with environmental sustainable ways. Steve's Bees Apiaries strictly use farms where no pesticides are used and do not give the bees themselves pesticides or antibiotics. They use a variety of crops and seed the fields with bee-friendly and fertility enhancing plants like alfalfa and clover. Going above and beyond, Steve's Bees Apiaires makes hedge-rows and maintains natural and wetland areas to encourage bio-diversity. Along with the wild flowers this practice produces, they also plant trees, including 'bee-trees' such as apple, basswood, black locust and most recently, tulip poplar. Talk to him about the beehive on-site at The Backyard!

Farming Practices:  Environmental Sustainability, Pesticide Free, Antibiotic Free

  *Weekly Vendor at The Market




Robyn and Sarah are local moms who handcraft beautiful, organic, sustainable food wraps, used to preserve fruits and vegetables, cheese, bread, leftovers - the list is endless! 

The company name is Earthology, and their wraps are made with 100% organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and coniferous tree resin, and either local beeswax or our new Vegan plant based waxes - the first of their kind in North America! 

The 2 moms are committed to reducing toxins in our homes and our world, shopping locally and organically. They are trying to make living a zero waste lifestyle both easy and beautiful. We are very proud of the quality and performance of our wraps and can't wait for you to try them out for yourself!

 Featured Products: Sustainable food wraps

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southbook vineyards

Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

Southbrook Vineyards is Canada's first Organic & Biodynamic Certified Winery.  Southbrook specializes in complex, rich Chardonnays and ripe, enduring reds made with classic Bordeaux varieties.

All Wines are Organic, aside from Canadian Framboise.
2016 Connect Organic White
2016 Triomphe Organic Cabernet Franc
2016 Triomphe Organic Chardonnay
2016 Triomphe Organic Merlot
2017 Triomphe Organic Cabernet Franc Rose
2016 Estate Orange Wine (Skin Fermented Vidal) - Organic & Biodynamic
2017 Wild Ferment Organic Cider Canadian Framboise



Captain jamie's

Mississauga, Ontario

Gabi Star makes her products in small batches, by hand, the artisan way using the highest quality organic ingredients whenever possible. She also grows herbs for her products on-site at The Backyard Farm. She provides soaps, body scrubs, lip balms, face cream and a sunscreen. Best smelling spot at The Backyard!


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